Welcome to the School of Alberta Ballet’s Year End Performance Parent Website.  The purpose of this site is to keep parents and dancers updated and informed regarding all of the details, guidelines, roles and responsibilities and volunteer requirements relating to this year’s year-end performance – Swanhilda’s Wedding.  It is our hope that this site will serve as a central gathering point for all information relating to the Year End Performance. Please check back often for updates.


Swanhilda is looking for her fiancé as they are to celebrate their betrothal this day, but she can’t find him. Her friends arrive and sympathise with her. As they leave to prepare for the afternoon celebration Franz, her fiancé, arrives just missing Swanhilda. He meets his friends who are also excited by the upcoming celebrations.  The Mayor arrives with his friend the local doll maker, Dr. Coppelius. More guest arrive and finally Swanhilda and Franz arrive together. The Mayor presents the two with a dowry for their wedding. Now the celebrations start. The Mayor asks Dr. Coppelius to have his wonderful doll inventions perform for all the guests. Following the dolls many locals also perform their own dances they have prepared especially for this occasion. Finally Swanhilda and Franz arrive dressed and ready for their vows.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jill

    Are the forms somewhere on this Website for the permission for the Dancers to leave on there own so that we can print and sign them and send with our dancers on the 27th?


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